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Set Yourself Up For Success By Attending A Conference In Vietnam 2021!

The country of Vietnam has a relatively well-developed infrastructure, as well as a long-standing tradition of promoting research and development as evidenced by the tax imposed on tobacco producers since the dawn of the previous century to promote the market. Given Vietnam’s strong knowledge base and abundance of natural resources, Vietnam could be among the leading growth countries in Asia within the next couple of years. Despite encouraging the organizing of many top-level international conferences in Vietnam 2021, the country is in desperate need of addressing a number of structural weaknesses. For example, it lacks the critical mass of researchers needed to trigger innovation. Although infrastructure is in place to benefit from research and development for Vietnam 's socio-economic development, universities and research institutes lack the financial and human resources to conduct research, and the regulatory environment hampers research and development, along with the transfer of new technologies to the business sector. The economic crisis has caused an exodus of university students and professionals in key areas of expertise that is causing growing concern. However, the Many High-Level International Conferences In Vietnam that take place throughout the country are working to solve this problem. This is because by attending these conferences in Vietnam, researchers and students with great potential have the opportunity to showcase their research work and findings, avail necessary funding, acquire the latest knowledge, access to the latest tools of the trade, and more!


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